Ms. Jessica Wright, Principal Oakland Primary School

Welcome to the 2024-2025 school year at Oakland Primary School, where we are educating the “whole child.” We are lucky enough to educate the finest students in all of Sumter School District. We believe all of our students are able to learn at the highest level. Students, please come to school eager to learn and willing to work with our teachers and staff in order to reach your potential each and every day. Your teachers and paraprofessionals are prepared to assist you in your journey at Oakland Primary. Parents, you are a vital part of your child’s success. Please feel confident that your child is receiving the best educational opportunities that are available. We also want you to feel comfortable being a part of the school and invite you to visit the campus as much as possible. Please take advantage of every opportunity to participate in your child’s education. We invite you to join our School Improvement Council (SIC), as well as become a volunteer within the school. We encourage you to regularly communicate with your child’s teachers and administrators.We have an amazing webpage and Facebook page that you can visit to see pictures, current events, upcoming events, and information regarding annual reports and Title I. The mission of Oakland Primary is to educate the “whole” child. It is our belief that each parent and child is a valuable member of the Eagle Community. I look forward to working with you throughout the year.